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Professional Stay at Staatliche Berufsschule in Lichtenfels

My name is Mara Gil Blanco and I work as a teacher in hospitality and tourism for a secondary vocational training high school in Malaga, Spain (IES La Rosaleda, https://ieslarosaleda.com).

From April 23 to 27, I visited your school within the Erasmus+ programme.  It was very interesting to closely observe the similarities and differences with the Spanish system of work and it gave me a great opportunity to experience the German educational system in a vocational setting.


I chose to visit your school because I really liked your dual education system of study and especially appreciated the wide range of offered modules.  Some of those were unique to me because there is no equivalent at my home school.  Another important reason for me to choose your school was the opportunity to continue our relationship and enhance teacher and student exchange possibilities.

The reception I received was excellent.  The arrangements made by the teachers of the school which included the full use of all school facilities and attendance within their classes were superb.

The sense of responsibility and autonomy of the students were things that struck me from the very first moment and their outlook, attitude, and respect for the teachers were notable qualities.


I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful welcome I received from all of the staff at your school.  I found it to be a very positive and enriching experience.  Professionally, I have learnt a lot from the teaching practice of my hosts and from their human qualities.  The students received me warmly, showing enormous interest in Spanish culture and language.  

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